Monday, July 26, 2010

We Had a Nice Weekend

I started this post w/the title "We're Having a Nice Weekend," but had to change it to "had" because it took me 2 days to write this :~P

This weekend has been nice. Friday was a turning/breaking point. The boys have done fabulous w/their sister. They love her so very much. They are not at all jealeous. Truly, they love her to pieces. They really have loved her for so long. Long before we even saw her picture & knew who she was. For this I am thankful. I have been praying about our trip for a long time, even before we knew when we would come. I prayed that it would work out that the boys could come, and not miss school. They will be home 2 days before school starts. God has truly prepared the way.

The boys, however; began to get a little (well lets be honest) a lot stir crazy. They are used to running off energy. Here they are in a 2 room hotel room, where they are told to be quiet a bazillion times a day. There is a pool, but one can only swim so much. We have been walking to everywhere we want to eat, but there isn't much else in walking distance. We don't speak enough Spanish to feel we can safely navigate our way somewhere in a taxi, so we haven't gone anywhere else. Until today, we were blessed to meet w/a family I met through this blog. They are staying at a place, where the owner takes families on outings. Today we were able to join them, and got to El Rio Pance. (The Pance River)

This was a wonderful place for the boys. They were able to climb all over the rocks in the river, and swim. There was a pool there, and they could swim in the river as well. We ate lunch there also. We had what Henry, the hotel owner, called a traditional Colombian lunch. There was "salad," soup & chicken w/white rice.

I put salad in quotations, because as soon as they put the salad on the table Seth said "there is no lettuce." The salad was made with onion, tomato, & avacado. There was a sweet italian dressing, which I really enjoyed. The soup was good. It was made w/plantain & potato, and seasoned w/cilantro. Then they served us a piece of chicken w/white rice on the side. It was all very good & tasty :)

We stayed there for most of the day & then came "home" to the hotel & tried to relax. Gloria Grace continues to be a wonderful addition to our family. She is so happy go lucky & laid back. She is sleeping all night now that we have gotten her routine adjusted just a bit. Chiquitines was feeding her just about every 3-4 hours around the clock. I started giving her a little more in her bed time bottle & she'll sleep for a good 10 hours @ night. :) :) Not that I didn't enjoy cuddling with her for a couple of night time feedings, I'd just prefer to let her sleep at night & cuddle in the day light hours :)

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