Sunday, June 29, 2008

1 month from today. . .

Tim took the boys camping for the week, in Waynesboro. I get the most stuff done around the house, when I am all by myself. I told the boys I was going to fix up the bedrooms while they were gone, and when they come home it will be "Lourdes' room," and "the boy's room." I have done some reorganizing in the boys room. I got them each a 3 drawer tote on wheels for all their little gadgets/toys. Last weekend I got all of Seth's clothes moved into a dresser in the boys room, and moved his hamster in there, too. Last night, I stayed up WAY too late, but Lourdes' room is ready. I had a hard time finding something that wasn't too "little girly" vs. too "old lady/plain."

I found this set @ Linen's & Things. It is so pretty.

The purple lampshade has beads dangling from it--too pretty:

I re-did the head board on Seth's bed. It used to have a burlap w/blue ribbon. A little purple ribbon, a flat white sheet, and a staple gun & tada:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Every year the boys keep asking me to plant a garden. They really have no idea how much work a garden is, but I decided that we could give it a try. Last year we planted a few tomato & pepper plants in containers. This year we went all out :o) Paw Watson came over w/his tiller & helped us make a place. We planted tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and lettuce. It was kind of late to plant broccoli & lettuce, because it was already getting hot when we planted them. We might get one bunch of broccoli out of the 4 we planted, and all of the lettuce is growing, but they are small. We have already had a few cherry tomatoes to eat, and picked our first bunch of squash. It was YUMMY :o)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About the Oatmeal. . .

Well it is VBS week, and I am a "Bible Blast" leader. It is the rotation where the kids hear the bible story. This year the theme is a science "Power Lab," but we are telling bible stories & trying to let the kids "experience" them. Yesterday, the kids broke out in dot stickers, and were quarantined--like the lepers. Only one leper came back to thank Jesus, thus the point of the day--Jesus gives us the power to be thankful.

Today was the story of Jesus healing the blind man. Jesus put mud over the blind mans eyes. Well, in our bible blast experience the kids were blindfolded in a dark room---we used oatmeal instead of mud, and put it on their forehead. I was kind of dreading the lesson--thinking the kids were going to freak out, but it really went well. The point of the lesson being that Jesus gives us the power to help others.

I made about twelve cooked cups of oatmeal, and only used about 1 :oP

Tomorrow we're WALKING ON WATER :O)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Should So Be In Bed Right Now. . .

It's VBS week!!!!!!!
Today was a crazy busy day. Here's a run down. . .

  • helped check in lots of VBS kids
  • danced (well sort of :o) to some wacky songs
  • told the story of the lepers 4 times
  • danced (well sort of :o) to some more wacky VBS songs
  • drove to the 'boro to pick up CPR cards
  • made supper
  • mowed the lawn
  • weeded the garden/replanted Seth's carrots
  • watered the flowers/garden
  • went for a walk w/the boys
  • cleaned 2 hamster cages & 1 litter box
  • vacuumed the carpet
  • cooked 12 cups of oatmeal (for VBS)-I might have to post about this tomorrow :oP
  • washed dishes

I am totally wiped out, and needed to be in bed a LONG time ago.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

She'll Be Here Very Soon :o)

Got a letter in the mail today, with Lourdes' flight information. She will arrive in Tennessee July 29th. OH MY!!! That is a little more than a month away. I better get those jungle animals off the walls in her room :o)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pray for Tyler


Thanks for praying. Tyler was able to come home today :o)6/8/8

Please pray for baby Tyler. He is a little jaundice, and the doctors want him to stay at the hospital at least one more night. Please pray nursing would go well for him, and his weight would pick up & jaundice would go down--tonight. So that he & Mom (Lisa) can come home tomorrow.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praying Her Home

My BFF Darby made this wonderful website for us. Go check it out. Thank you Darby. We love you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to the World Tyler Sallee

I am posting this slide show for my dear friend Lisa. Tyler Sallee was born this morning @ 10:50am. He weighed 9lbs 6oz, and is 20.5 inches.

Congratulations Sallee Family of 5 :0)

You Can't Take That Back

When Seth was about 9 months old, God gave me a peace that I was done birthing babies. I didn't think that I wouldn't have anymore children, but I knew I wasn't going to be the one giving birth. Not because of any medical issues. I just felt that I wanted to have a little girl, and the only way to assure that would be adoption. Tim & I talked about it, and I had my tubes tied. I have never once thought I wish I hadn't done that. God has given me great peace about His plan. Since then, I have been praying that if our family is to grow--God would make it possible. Tim & I have talked about adoption, and he has been reluctant. I continue to pray. Coy & Seth pray, too.

Part of the reason we are hosting a foreign exchange student, is to see how things would be w/another person in the house. The boys sharing a room, an extra mouth to feed etc. . . I know there is a huge difference between a baby/toddler, than a teen aged girl. We just thought it would be a good first step. Lourdes is not even here yet, and I already love her. I've begun thinking about the fact that we all will fall in love w/her & then she will have to go back to Spain, to her forever family.

So, Sunday @ church Tim & I are walking down the concourse to go pick up the boys from their classes. We walk by Izzy Chapman, and Tim says "when are we going to go get our little girl." My first reaction was to slap him :o). I said, "You Can't Take That Back!" We have been talking about it more seriously, and have decided to begin paperwork.

Please Pray for God's will in our journey.