Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

1st Visit to the Dentist

Poor Gloria Grace is the 3rd child. She had her 1st visit to the Dentist today, & I didn't get a picture =( Well the boys only got pictures, because the dentist took them =) Actually, I take lots of pictures of Gloria Grace =) Here's one of her dancing at Seth's birthday party a couple of weeks ago:

She did really great for the dentist. She completely cooperated, while the hygienist cleaned her teeth & she let the dentist (a kind of bigger guy) look at her teeth too. All this with NO NAP! Her appointment was at 2:30...not sure what I was thinking making an afternoon appointment...totally messes w/nap time.

Anyway, back to the actual checkup...Gloria Grace has an extra baby tooth in the front on the bottom. It looks like the tooth is broken in ½, but it actually grew in that way. The dentist said that we should probably think about pulling it out next year. (when she's a little bigger & can handle the happy gas) Not exactly sure how I feel about that, but I will be quizzing all my dental friends about it.

On another note...she is doing really well w/potty training...daddy needs a little help---he keeps putting diapers on her, when they go places. He's afraid she'll have an accident in public...WIMP! Just Kidding--kind of =) I took her to the dentist in panties---fully expecting to get peed on while she screamed for the dentist & she made it NO problemo! No screaming & no peeing! We went to the bathroom 3 times & she didn't do a thing, but I'd rather a false alarm than pee pants :) I guess I just need to hide all the diapers from daddy =) (She still needs them @ night, or I'd just get rid of them.

Enough babbling on & on...Stay tuned for Birthday weekend FUN....Gloria Grace will be 2 Super bowl Sunday =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Girl Panties =)

Gloria Grace got big girl panties for Christmas. She's been wearing them a little sporadically, and I really wasn't sure that I was so thrilled I'd introduced her to the potty. After a month of off & on potty training...I get why people wait until their kids are way older to deal w/potty training. It is a little frustrating to take her to the potty 100 times, when she really just wants to sit there & eat the gummies we bribed her with to sit there the 1st time :/ She's been going pee on the potty before she gets in the bath for a while, & she pooped on the potty when she was 10 months old (I knew she was about to go, and I ran her in there & sat her on it & she went :) She tells me when she has to go poop, but she says it & she'd pretty much done.

Anyway...last night, she kept saying she had to pee...she would sit down pass a little gas & then jump back up...I don't know what it is about my kids, but when they 1st learn to poop on the potty they are very nervous to sit there & let it happen. I finally ended up just pulling her panties off & letting her run around in just her shirt. I was giving Coy a haircut, so I was in the bathroom & her potty chair was in my bathroom closet (for privacy :) .....

Nest thing you know she is poking her head out the door saying Mommy I pee peed potty...I looked in there & she had one poop!!!! Woot Woot!!!! She again pooped on the potty today & peed all day in the potty today, w/only 2 pee pee accidents--both of which she was sitting on daddy's lap (tee hee).

So I think I am happy we started potty training after all =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Seth!

I ♥ this kid!

It has been WAY too long, since I have blogged. It's not that there isn't tons of stuff going on. (We have 3 kids & I work full-time! =) We always have something happening :) It's just easier or lazier--with facebook-- I tend to just quickly post on there. I will try to do better--really I will :)