Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We have been busy around here. Seems as though there is always something happening. We had a snow day, DYE Chili supper w/Santa, a trip to Gatlinburg, & of course Christmas.
Our trip to Gatlinburg was REALLY COLD, but we had lots of fun. It was a lot of 1st for the boys, and Lourdes--Laser tag & Ice skating. Coy & Lourdes got to drive their own Go-cart for the first time, too. It was so cold Coy's hands nearly froze off, and Tim lost his wedding ring. Thankfully, Coy still has all his fingers, and I found Tim's ring in the car. :o)
Having Lourdes here made Christmas even that much more special.
I have a ton of pictures to share, so the easiest way to do that is post a slide.

I had previously posted the slide here in the post, but it made my sidebar move to the bottom of the page. The slide show pictures are still on here, but I moved them to the bottom of the page, if you still want to see it. :o)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
¡Feliz Navidad!

Monday, December 22, 2008

G.G. is God's Gift

Just returned home from a wonderful weekend in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. It was really cold, but tons of fun. I will post pics soon. (I know you can hardly wait :o)

I did want to stop a second and share a little adoption moment from the weekend. We were having a not so quiet, "quiet time" as a family. We started talking about the adoption & our little sister/daughter. I told the boys that it was kind of a mouthful to talk about "our little sister/daughter." We should think of a nick name. We have decided not to get our hearts set on a forever name, as she may be old enough to already love her given birth name. . . Anyway. . . Daddy came up w/G.G. because she is God's Gift to our family. How sweet, and how perfectly fitting.

So, from now on we will be praying for G.G. Will you help us and pray, too?

P.S. We got a notice from the Department of Homeland Security that they got our I800, and will be contacting us w/a time to be fingerprinted. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! One step closer to "waiting." :o)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Wow---Why Such a Long Time?"

I don't know how many times in the last few months that I have heard the statement. . .

Why does it take so long to adopt?

Yes, I guess up to 3 years seems like a really long time, but I am thankful for the total peace that God has been so gracious to give me for the wait. I know he is preparing us as a family, and our darling little girl to meet us in HIS PERFECT TIMING. So here I wait, taking one step at a time. Trying my best to remain in God's peaceful presence.

My God is good ALL the time.

Our I800A has been delivered to the USCIS. Processing can take up to 3 months. Please pray everything goes through w/o any corrections needed. Our 3 year wait begins once we receive this back.

P.S. My new "theme song" is Jordan Sparks One Step at a Time. I listen to it a lot. I've listen so much. . . I've got Coy singing it :o) The words are so for waiting adoptive families, and many other things in life, too. Just listen. . .

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Christmas Decorations. . .

My mother gave me this set last year, it is beautiful.
I am a sentimental ornament kind of girl. Each year, I get the Hallmark family ornaments that match our family. The "Dad," "Mom," & "Son" ornaments. I've done this since Coy was born. As soon as Hallmark put this years ornaments out I went straight to get them. It was fun getting a "Daughter" ornament for Lourdes. I told her she could take it back w/her to Spain for her tree next year.
This is going to be a special Christmas :o)
Lourdes, and her "Daughter" ornament.
Seth, Coy & Lourdes w/their "sons" & "daughter" ornament. The boys decorated themselves w/them :o)
This was our hand painted family ornament from 2007.
Our hand painted family ornament 2008 :o)
Even the Dog is getting into the Christmas spirit :o) Doesn't he look happy?

It's Begining to Look A Lot Like Christmas . . .

We have 5 stockings this year. Can't wait until it is permanently 5 :o)
Lourdes putting the lights on the tree.
Coy, Seth, and Lourdes decorating the tree.
Dad can reach the top with no problem, so he gets the honor of the star :o)
Here is the finished product.
It turned out beautiful.