Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

We have been busy around here. Seems as though there is always something happening. We had a snow day, DYE Chili supper w/Santa, a trip to Gatlinburg, & of course Christmas.
Our trip to Gatlinburg was REALLY COLD, but we had lots of fun. It was a lot of 1st for the boys, and Lourdes--Laser tag & Ice skating. Coy & Lourdes got to drive their own Go-cart for the first time, too. It was so cold Coy's hands nearly froze off, and Tim lost his wedding ring. Thankfully, Coy still has all his fingers, and I found Tim's ring in the car. :o)
Having Lourdes here made Christmas even that much more special.
I have a ton of pictures to share, so the easiest way to do that is post a slide.

I had previously posted the slide here in the post, but it made my sidebar move to the bottom of the page. The slide show pictures are still on here, but I moved them to the bottom of the page, if you still want to see it. :o)

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