Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Teeth in Two Days :o)

Both of Seth's two top front teeth have been loose for a while now. Yesterday I posted about him loosing one of them, and today he lost the other :o) He had wiggled it until it drove him (& me) a little crazy. I tried to talk him in to letting me pull it out, but he was highly reluctant. So...I resorted to bribery :o) That's what good mom's do, right? Hee hee... I told him if he let me pull his tooth out I'd take him to Baskin Robins---He LOVES ice cream-especially Baskin Robins. Here he is 1 less tooth, and below that is us enjoying some Baskin Robins :o)
Seth sticking his tongue in his new space:
All of us enjoying our ice cream:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seth Lost His 3rd Tooth

Seth was taking a drink from the water hose. Coy thought he would "help" him out & squeeze the nozzle a little harder, when he did he accidentally knocked the nozzle into Seth's already loose tooth. This tooth & the one right next to it have been loose for months. It didn't knock it out, but it did make it very loose. Seth was able to pull it out with just a little effort.

Neither of the boys believe in the tooth fairy anymore, but when Seth went to bed tonight he said "I put my tooth under my pillow." He still plays the game, because he knows he'll get a dollar out of it :o)
I Love My Boys

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Always Thinking About Gloria Grace

I have had a hard time thinking about anything but Gloria Grace lately. Part of the reason is that God has put adoption all around us. Today Chris & Dawn set off for Ethiopia. I have been praying for them for a long while. While I am completely excited for them, it turns my thoughts to thinking about when we get "the call" and are on our way to Colombia.

I remind myself daily (most often much more often than daily) that God's timing is perfect. I have actually posted that line & commented it to people a lot. While it is very easy to say, it is sometimes hard to be at peace with it. I fully believe the truth that is God's word, and His word has proof that His timing IS perfect. I know in my heart that when our time comes to meet Gloria Grace it will be the perfect time, because IT WILL BE the time God has already chosen. I rest in that truth, but my mind still wanders...

Some of the things I am constantly wondering . . .

  • Is SHE already @ the orphanage?
  • Has Chiquitines already set our dossier aside for HER?
  • How old is SHE?
  • Will SHE be home for Christmas?
  • Will SHE sleep in a crib or a bed?
  • Is HER hair curly or straight?
  • Does SHE have a blankie & animal, like Seth?
  • Does SHE cry at night & is anyone there to comfort HER?

Really, this list could be never ending some days. I love thinking about Gloria Grace. I love saying her name & telling people about this journey God has put before us. I love hearing the boys say her name, when they pray for her. God has blessed us in so many ways on this journey.

Dear Lord, Thank you for calling us to adoption. Thank you for thoughts of Gloria Grace. Thank you for how you have grown our family throughout this journey. May we continue to shine your light & be in the center of your will. Thank you for supportive friends & family, as we prepare for Gloria Grace's homecoming. Let everything we do be for the praise of Your Glorious Grace. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we went camping for the long weekend @ Barren River, in KY. On the way there I couldn't help but think--I wonder if Gloria Grace will be making the trip with us next year? I sure hope so. Granny & Paw Watson joined us in their new camper. The boys love all the activities the park has to offer. There is arts & crafts, swimming, bike riding, horseback riding, campfire stories, hiking trails, good food :) We got the boys out of school a little early & headed out. When we got to camp & got everything set up, Tim realized he had left his bag of clothes @ home. It was pretty funny, actually. I told him he was going to be smelling pretty funny after wearing the same outfit all weekend :) It got even funnier when I got to town & the only store to buy him any clothes at was Kmart :o) Not a lot of choices at Kmart, but I managed. It turned out to be quite a relaxing weekend. Here are lots of pictures:
On the way there:
The view from my mirror (Coy):
Seth loves his animal friends:
Toasting my toes by the fire:
All 3 of my boys playing cars in the dirt:
Daddy & Seth:
Daddy & Coy:
Seth @ the beach:
Coy @ the beach:
Seth & his "rocket box:"
Coy & his "robot box" hat:
Seth making crafts:
Coy & his spider:
Coy making another craft:
Daddy helping Seth w/his bird: