Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boy's Only Weekend :o)

Last week was Spring Break. It started out w/Tim taking the boys camping. Can I just say I LOVE when the boys have a weekend away :o) Even though I had planned on just working extra, I still enjoy a little quiet time in the house. They left on Friday, and came home on Monday. They went camping on one of Tim's uncle's farm. It's in Waynesboro. The boys love it there. There is a cold water creek. Actually it is near freezing cold, fresh off the mountain side. Well more like a big hillside, but anyway--you get the point. It's really pretty there. Here are some pictures from there trip.
The boys home away from home:

The aforementioned cold water creek:

One of the reasons they love to go to Waynesboro, never ending places to ride:Another thing they like to do, my little pyromaniacs:

A supper silly face, with beautiful blue eyes:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paperwork Pregnancy

Last week, I was told we had to once again re-do our medical forms. It was an issue w/dates & notary stamps. So, for the 3rd time, I smiled at the receptionist in both Tim & My doctor's offices--asking them to once again fill out this lovely piece of paper. I explained how this was all we needed to be able to send our paperwork to Colombia.

Thursday I picked up the document from Tim's doctor, and Friday mine was ready. I took them to the DMV to get my notary certification. I was waiting my turn, as a couple was getting married--YES they were getting married--not just getting a marriage license, but actually getting married. Anyway, as you can imagine it was taking a little bit of time, so I was standing their looking at the paper from Tim's doctor, and saw that the notary had put the current date in the spot that says "my commission expires." Basically, it voided out that document. UUGGHH!!! I leave the DMV & go to the doctor's office. They had closed for the day---DOUBLE UUGGHH!!! I had to work Monday, so I asked Tim to take the paper back to the doctor's office, and then to the DMV. He didn't catch the part about the doctor's office-he took the messed up date paper to the DMV & they didn't catch the messed up date & certified it. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I went back to the doctor's office on Tuesday, and got it re-done (again).

Tim & I drove to Nashville to get them apostilled. On the way, I was pulled over for turning right on a red light. According to the nice police officer, there were 2 signs stating this was not allowed @ this particular downtown intersection. He ended up not writing me a ticket. He said "since you're not from around here & you didn't know, I am going to just give you a warning." So thankful for his kindness in my error.

We continued on & got the medical forms apostilled. I sent them via Fed ex to our case manager. She said it will take about 3 weeks to translate it, and then they will submit it to ICBF for approval. We started adoption paperwork around 9 months ago. . .

Tonight, I skipped from one blog to another reading about families & their journey's to Colombia. More than once I saw the phrase "Paperwork Pregnancy." So there you go. We have just given birth to a "full term" dossier. I am very happy to have this step behind us, but I continue to have reservations. I keep thinking they will be asking for something else. Why do I allow myself to doubt. Instead of doubting, I will rest in the knowledge that God's timing is impeccable, and that each & every re-do is part of His perfect plan.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Isn't She Beautiful :o)

I have decided that I am not as young as I used to be. After two days of prom dress shopping I was totally worn out! :o) I would have gone to as many dress shops as it took to find "the" dress, though. I am glad she found "the one." Here is a little preview. Even without fancy hair & makeup, she is beautiful.

Here are the details. There are jewels on the front & back:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Amazing Family, Also Adopting.

Many of you already know my dear friend Gwen. She is an absolutely wonderful friend, and exceptional Christ Follower. She inspires me to always keep my eyes & ears open to God, and His guidance for my life. She & Scott have been there to answer questions, and help w/paperwork details for our adoption. They are so giving.

They have started another blog to raise money for their adoption of siblings in Uganda. Click the picture below to see some really cool stuff, and help them bring their treasures home.

Check Out My Bag--You Can Help Bring ZaZa Home

The Internet can be a really neat place. You can meet people that you may not ever have otherwise, just by google searching for some random information. I did a post once about a nasty, yet tragic event @ our house. I titled it "How Much Does A Hamster Cost?" I have gotten quite a few google hits on my blog from that little story. :o)

Now that we are in the process of adoption, I like to randomly search for other people doing the same. It's nice to see other people that are on similar journeys, especially when they are going to Colombia. Well just as I randomly search, sometimes so do other people. I have had a few people I would probably not have met otherwise comment on my blog. People looking for information, or already in the process of adoption. I think it is really cool how God puts these people in our path, to journey w/us---even if just for one comment :o)

A few months back, Linda left me a comment. She had found my blog through our agency. Both of our families are adopting from Colombia. They started the process a little more than a year before we did. They are adopting an older child, and are affectionately referring to her as "ZaZa," until they know her real name. We are adopting "under 2," and are affectionately calling our little girl "G.G." A new list recently came out showing referral dates in reference to when the dossier was submitted to ICBF. ZaZa's family submitted their dossier in Feb 2008. They had previously been in a younger age category, but just recently increased their age to 7. The new list shows referrals for age 7 to families that submitted their dossier Sep 2008. :o) This means their referral could come at ANY TIME!! :o) :o) I am so excited for them, even though I just met them. Some of their friends & family have been supporting them by making bags. These are very top quality fabrics. All are recycled & hand made. They auction the bags every week on this blog site. A few months back I won one of the auctions. It was so fun to bid, and I love my bag. Here it is:
Now. . . Go check out this weeks bags, and help them bring ZaZa home :o)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Still Waiting

Not much adoption news to report. All of our paperwork is w/Gladney now. There was a new form to notarize w/copied documents, so they are re-doing a few things. I am hoping to know by the end of the week that our paperwork is on it's way to Colombia--we'll see.