Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boy's Only Weekend :o)

Last week was Spring Break. It started out w/Tim taking the boys camping. Can I just say I LOVE when the boys have a weekend away :o) Even though I had planned on just working extra, I still enjoy a little quiet time in the house. They left on Friday, and came home on Monday. They went camping on one of Tim's uncle's farm. It's in Waynesboro. The boys love it there. There is a cold water creek. Actually it is near freezing cold, fresh off the mountain side. Well more like a big hillside, but anyway--you get the point. It's really pretty there. Here are some pictures from there trip.
The boys home away from home:

The aforementioned cold water creek:

One of the reasons they love to go to Waynesboro, never ending places to ride:Another thing they like to do, my little pyromaniacs:

A supper silly face, with beautiful blue eyes:


Anonymous said...

That tent trailor is pure luxury compared to our camping outing. I'm jealous. Looks like they had fun!

Kelly said...

Hey Linda :o) We used to camp in a tent, too. We graduated to a Pop up camper a few years ago, and got this camper last spring. It is for sure a camping luxury :o)