Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check Out My Bag--You Can Help Bring ZaZa Home

The Internet can be a really neat place. You can meet people that you may not ever have otherwise, just by google searching for some random information. I did a post once about a nasty, yet tragic event @ our house. I titled it "How Much Does A Hamster Cost?" I have gotten quite a few google hits on my blog from that little story. :o)

Now that we are in the process of adoption, I like to randomly search for other people doing the same. It's nice to see other people that are on similar journeys, especially when they are going to Colombia. Well just as I randomly search, sometimes so do other people. I have had a few people I would probably not have met otherwise comment on my blog. People looking for information, or already in the process of adoption. I think it is really cool how God puts these people in our path, to journey w/us---even if just for one comment :o)

A few months back, Linda left me a comment. She had found my blog through our agency. Both of our families are adopting from Colombia. They started the process a little more than a year before we did. They are adopting an older child, and are affectionately referring to her as "ZaZa," until they know her real name. We are adopting "under 2," and are affectionately calling our little girl "G.G." A new list recently came out showing referral dates in reference to when the dossier was submitted to ICBF. ZaZa's family submitted their dossier in Feb 2008. They had previously been in a younger age category, but just recently increased their age to 7. The new list shows referrals for age 7 to families that submitted their dossier Sep 2008. :o) This means their referral could come at ANY TIME!! :o) :o) I am so excited for them, even though I just met them. Some of their friends & family have been supporting them by making bags. These are very top quality fabrics. All are recycled & hand made. They auction the bags every week on this blog site. A few months back I won one of the auctions. It was so fun to bid, and I love my bag. Here it is:
Now. . . Go check out this weeks bags, and help them bring ZaZa home :o)


Anonymous said...

So cool! Thanks so much! And you got a lovely bag made by my mother, Grace. I am also in awe of the connections we have made through blogging and the adoption world. It's a blessing to find people that are walking in your shoes right now. We pray for a fast approval in Bogota for your dossier! Also, we submitted our dossier in Oct. 2007, but were approved in Bogota Feb. 2008. We believe Zaza will be home SOON! Thanks for the blog and for bidding on a Bag for Zaza. The bag auction has been a tremendous blessing for our family. I believe it has raised about 1/5 of our costs. Amazing! And still going strong. Blessings, Linda

Jennie C. said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for blogging about us so kindly. You look great with your bag! So fun to see people and their bags together.

Will even be more fun to see you and G.G. together.

Many Blessings,
Jennie C. from "Bags for Zaza"

P.S. Can I use your picture on our blog and/or FaceBook site? I will only identify you by first name.