Thursday, March 31, 2011

She'll Probably Be Walking When I Come Home

This weekend I will be going on a Women's Retreat w/47 other ladies from church. I am super excited, but a little nervous to leave Gloria Grace for the whole weekend. She's been taking a lot more steps, and has even stood up by herself in the middle of the floor & taken some steps. She'll probably be walking/running all over the place when I get home Sunday.

I guess I'm going to take this as preparation for the week I will be gone to Mexico, which is only 2 short weeks away. I remember the 1st time I went to Mexico--September 2005--I had not been away from the boys for more than overnight! Coy was 6, and Seth 2½. I was a nervous wreck to call home. I wanted to talk to them, but I was afraid we'd all start crying and I'd have to buy a ticket & come home early :)

God provided-- We were just across the border in Nuevo Laredo, and we could pick up the US cell signal from our room in the church. I was able to call, and talk as long as I needed to. The best part was--NO ONE cried :) The boys did so well--even Tim ;)

I've wondered if Tim wishes he hadn't done so well that 1st trip, as I have been to Mexico 8 times. I'm blessed to be able to go again in 2 weeks, and in July Tim & Coy will be coming along for their 1st missions trip!

We are blessed!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

She Might Just Walk Yet =)

This 1st Video is from 03/16/11. She is taking a couple of steps at a time, and walking all over the place while holding your hand.

This is Today 03/26/11. This video is only 3 seconds, so be ready =) She's now taking 4-5 steps at a time. Look at the smile on her face--she's proud of her self. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Many Words of Gloria Grace :)

I have certainly not been doing such a good job with this blog. I am going to make an attempt to start blogging weekly, at least updating what the kiddos are doing. I will start tonight, with The Many Words of Gloria Grace. She is becoming quite the little mocking bird :) I told the boys they better watch it, because she would soon be telling on them :)

Here is her current list of words:

  • Dadda
  • Mamma
  • Yes
  • Hi
  • Thank You
  • Hot
  • luv u
  • Uh Oh
  • Eye (as she pokes you in the eye :~P)
  • Woof Woof (When you ask her what the doggie says)
  • Kitty & Meow
  • Ball
  • Bye Bye
  • Night Night
  • Poop -- (I should probably be a little ashamed that one of my sweet little girls words is Poop, but she does have 2 brothers :) & it is really funny to hear her say it :~P
  • Stop (Which she has heard me constantly yell at the boys) :~P

She has also said once or twice--baby, pretty, & Coy :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ICBF Wait List

Here is the new ICBF waiting list for Colombia. This is for families adopting through ICBF, not Casa Privadas--as we did. When we began our paperwork w/Gladney, this was the only option we new about. No one told us that we could submit our dossier to a Casa Privada, until we were ready to send ours to Colombia. When we were ready to submit our dossier, the wait time for ICBF was between 30 & 40 months. We were accepted @ Chiquitines May 2009. Look at this list. We would be NO where near having Gloria Grace home. I love God's Timing, and His plan!!!

Age of Child ------- Date of Application Approval by ICBF

Child 0-12 months ------ Jul - 2007
Child 13 - 23 months ---- Jul - 2007
Child 2 years ----------- Aug - 2006
Child 2 - 3 years -------- Mar - 2007
Child 3 years ----------- Jul - 2006
Child 3 - 4 years -------- Nov - 2006
Child 4 years ----------- Dec - 2006
Child 4 -5 years -------- Aug - 2007
Child 5 years ----------- Aug - 2009
Child 5 - 6 years ------- Nov - 2008
Child 6 years ----------- NOT LISTED ON NEW FORM
Child 7 years ----------- Feb - 2011

2 Siblings 0 - 4 years --- Dec - 2007
2 Siblings 0 - 5 years --- Nov - 2007
2 Siblings 0 - 6 years --- Jan - 2009
2 Siblings 0 - 7 years --- Oct - 2009
2 Siblings 0 - 8 years --- Dec - 2010

The list applies to non-Colombian families adopting through ICBF only. It DOES NOT include special needs children. The definition of special needs are children with disabilities, children over 8 years of age, and sibling groups of 3 or more.

Praying for the waiting families & children.