Friday, April 15, 2011

Pray for Mexico

I'm leaving bright & early in the morning~~~actually more like "dark & early." Dr. Russell & Agnes will be here in about 4 hours (@ 4am) to pick me up. God has blessed me with yet another opportunity to share what He has given me with the beautiful people of Mexico.

I remember the first time I was preparing to go. September of 2005. I was a nervous wreck thinking about leaving the boys. Coy was 6 & Seth just 2. I'd never been away from them for more than one night. They did wonderful, as did Tim. This time, I am leaving my sweet Gloria Grace for the first time. I am sure she will do just as wonderful. After all~~She has so many to love her while I am gone :)

Thank you in advance for praying for my family, the people of Vera Cruz, Mexico, our dental/medical team~ Dr. Rick & Agnes Russell, Callie & Matt Ford, & our partners from the church in Nuevo Laredo.