Saturday, May 16, 2009

Don't Close The Lid On Your Box

I am not sure even where to begin with this, as there is so much to share. Throughout our adoption journey, God has been so good. He has been our guide through mounds of paperwork, and many decisions.

We started this journey a little over 11 months ago not truly knowing what to expect. I can tell you that we did not expect to meet our daughter for up to 3 years. When we began, the wait time for referral was 24-30 months from the time your dossier was submitted/accepted by ICBF. The latest wait list was really discouraging, as the wait time had increased to 40 months. This means that those people that submitted their dossier 40 months ago are just now getting to meet their children. I began to doubt some of our choices. Did we pick the right country? Is this where God really wants us to go. If there are orphans that need homes now, why do we have to wait almost 4 years? With that doubt came a lot of prayer.

I tell you there is not a lot that is sweeter than hearing your 9 year old lift up a sister that he's never met, but loves with all his heart. Many times Coy has asked me why we didn't start this process 3 years ago, so that G.G. would be here now. :o) I've thought about how I wished we had started a long time ago too. I've reminded Coy (and myself) that God's timing is perfect, and He has this whole journey figured out. A lot of the parenting talk I give to my children is as much for myself to learn as it is for them.

I have wrestled a great deal with God's timing & plan. Each time we have had a delay w/paperwork I have tried to remind myself that it will get done when God wants it to get done. It can be really difficult not to fall into a paperwork pity party. I think all of my fellow adoption friends know exactly what I am talking about. :o) I tend to struggle with putting God in a box. My mind puts limits on what I think He can or will do. I have seen him blow the lid off the top of my boxes more than once in my travels to Mexico on missions. You would think I would have learned by now to "stop putting the tops on my boxes."

Once again, God has blown the top off my box. :o)

We were not aware that our dossier would be shown to a private orphanage before it was sent to ICBF. Apparently, all families that submit their dossier after July 2008 have their dossier shown to the private orphanage 1st. It is up to the private orphanage who they accept, and who gets passed on to ICBF. Our dossier was shown to Chiquitines, and they did not pass us along :o) Our up to a 4 year wait has turned into possibly traveling in 2009!!!! God has blessed us beyond measure!! We are thankful for the many prayers said on our family's behalf, and ask you to keep praying. Our next step is referral, and then travel. The estimated timeline is sometime in the next few months for referral, and then travel sometime in the next 6 months. We would love to have G.G. home for Christmas :o)

God has been so good in all of this. He has provided all along the way. We did think we would have a couple years to save for travel expenses. Even though that time has been drastically reduced, I know He will continue to provide. I have been blessed with being able to work part-time & provide for our family. I will be adjusting my schedule to full-time hours until we travel, and saving all the extra. My small group is also planning a couple of things in honor of G.G.

Mark your calender now for June 5th. My dear friend Kristi Brown will be hosting a Girls Night Out, and Gwen Oatsvall will be sharing her testimony about adoption. You will not want to miss this!!

Until then, praying for G.G.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Way To Go Coy!!

Ms. Canter's Most Improved Student Of The Year!!
Coy has worked really hard this year, and his teacher has been wonderful. School last year was a big struggle. His teacher was awful, so awful I asked for him to be moved to a new class. He started making up grounds the second half of the year, but had really gotten behind. This year I asked the principal to pick Coy a great teacher, and that he did!! Ms. Canter is THE BEST teacher ever. She works w/each of her students as the individuals they are. She has helped Coy see the best in himself, and he has so greatly improved in 3rd grade. I've asked Ms. Canter to just go ahead & move on up to 4th grade, but she's not listening :( I've already begun praying for the boys teachers for next year. I can only hope they are 1/2 as special as Ms. Canter.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Praying For G.G.

Our dossier has been reviewed by a private orphanage in Colombia. They liked it, but asked for 2 additional pieces of information. They will be receiving the information & possibly reviewing it today. Please pray that this will be what they need to accept our dossier. If we are accepted here the wait time is drastically reduced.

That being said, I know that God's timing IS perfect!! Our journey will be the journey that God chooses for us. We appreciate all of you praying with us through the journey to G.G. :o)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I Love My Mom!!
She has always been there for me, and I know that I can call on her for anything.
Thank you God for such a great Mom!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So Many Thoughts & Prayers

I feel like my head is so full, but I have not really got the words. God has been taking w/Tim & me a lot over this past few days. Some of the conversation has been loud & clear, but much of it I've wonder "is that what He really just said?"

We are not quite ready to share details, but I would ask that you continue to lift up G.G.

God has been so good to us in this adoption journey, and we intend to give him ALL the glory for His perfect plan in growing our family.