Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Praying For G.G.

Our dossier has been reviewed by a private orphanage in Colombia. They liked it, but asked for 2 additional pieces of information. They will be receiving the information & possibly reviewing it today. Please pray that this will be what they need to accept our dossier. If we are accepted here the wait time is drastically reduced.

That being said, I know that God's timing IS perfect!! Our journey will be the journey that God chooses for us. We appreciate all of you praying with us through the journey to G.G. :o)


mysistersjar said...

How exciting! Can you tell us what region it is in? Have you been given a time frame? Oh, this is all very exciting! Praying for you and for GG. XOXO

mysistersjar said...

Wouldn't it be totally amazing if we got to meet in Bogota?????

Kelly said...


Thank you for your prayers. I don't have exact details to share just yet, but I hope to very soon :o) I would love to meet up w/you in Colombia.


adrin said...

Definitely they will accept keep faith in God.

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