Friday, May 15, 2009

Way To Go Coy!!

Ms. Canter's Most Improved Student Of The Year!!
Coy has worked really hard this year, and his teacher has been wonderful. School last year was a big struggle. His teacher was awful, so awful I asked for him to be moved to a new class. He started making up grounds the second half of the year, but had really gotten behind. This year I asked the principal to pick Coy a great teacher, and that he did!! Ms. Canter is THE BEST teacher ever. She works w/each of her students as the individuals they are. She has helped Coy see the best in himself, and he has so greatly improved in 3rd grade. I've asked Ms. Canter to just go ahead & move on up to 4th grade, but she's not listening :( I've already begun praying for the boys teachers for next year. I can only hope they are 1/2 as special as Ms. Canter.

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