Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paperwork Pregnancy

Last week, I was told we had to once again re-do our medical forms. It was an issue w/dates & notary stamps. So, for the 3rd time, I smiled at the receptionist in both Tim & My doctor's offices--asking them to once again fill out this lovely piece of paper. I explained how this was all we needed to be able to send our paperwork to Colombia.

Thursday I picked up the document from Tim's doctor, and Friday mine was ready. I took them to the DMV to get my notary certification. I was waiting my turn, as a couple was getting married--YES they were getting married--not just getting a marriage license, but actually getting married. Anyway, as you can imagine it was taking a little bit of time, so I was standing their looking at the paper from Tim's doctor, and saw that the notary had put the current date in the spot that says "my commission expires." Basically, it voided out that document. UUGGHH!!! I leave the DMV & go to the doctor's office. They had closed for the day---DOUBLE UUGGHH!!! I had to work Monday, so I asked Tim to take the paper back to the doctor's office, and then to the DMV. He didn't catch the part about the doctor's office-he took the messed up date paper to the DMV & they didn't catch the messed up date & certified it. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I went back to the doctor's office on Tuesday, and got it re-done (again).

Tim & I drove to Nashville to get them apostilled. On the way, I was pulled over for turning right on a red light. According to the nice police officer, there were 2 signs stating this was not allowed @ this particular downtown intersection. He ended up not writing me a ticket. He said "since you're not from around here & you didn't know, I am going to just give you a warning." So thankful for his kindness in my error.

We continued on & got the medical forms apostilled. I sent them via Fed ex to our case manager. She said it will take about 3 weeks to translate it, and then they will submit it to ICBF for approval. We started adoption paperwork around 9 months ago. . .

Tonight, I skipped from one blog to another reading about families & their journey's to Colombia. More than once I saw the phrase "Paperwork Pregnancy." So there you go. We have just given birth to a "full term" dossier. I am very happy to have this step behind us, but I continue to have reservations. I keep thinking they will be asking for something else. Why do I allow myself to doubt. Instead of doubting, I will rest in the knowledge that God's timing is impeccable, and that each & every re-do is part of His perfect plan.


nikki said...

"Paperwork pregnancy" or "Paper chase", no matter how you put it, it sucks doing it, but it will all be worth.
Congrats on the dossier!!!
Celebrate each step!!

mysistersjar said...

I sort of enjoyed the paper part of the adoption because I felt like I was actually doing something and in a small way, it was "in" my hands for a time. Now it's all in God's hands and I don't feel like I can do anything to help anymore... other than praying.

Now that we're just waiting for the phone to ring, I honestly think some days "If the call comes today, nothing that I plan this week/month will matter anyway.... and that will be fine." Once in a while I think, "Please call next week, not this week."

Congrats on no ticket and on getting it all done!

Terry said...

I bet I know exactly where you got stopped. Mark & I got stopped there too but the nice cop was not working that night and we got a ticket. We stop there every time now though!

auntie katie said...

be at peace sister ... i am so proud of you and i can't wait to journey w/ you and support you as you have always done for me !!!

love ya sister !!!