Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we went camping for the long weekend @ Barren River, in KY. On the way there I couldn't help but think--I wonder if Gloria Grace will be making the trip with us next year? I sure hope so. Granny & Paw Watson joined us in their new camper. The boys love all the activities the park has to offer. There is arts & crafts, swimming, bike riding, horseback riding, campfire stories, hiking trails, good food :) We got the boys out of school a little early & headed out. When we got to camp & got everything set up, Tim realized he had left his bag of clothes @ home. It was pretty funny, actually. I told him he was going to be smelling pretty funny after wearing the same outfit all weekend :) It got even funnier when I got to town & the only store to buy him any clothes at was Kmart :o) Not a lot of choices at Kmart, but I managed. It turned out to be quite a relaxing weekend. Here are lots of pictures:
On the way there:
The view from my mirror (Coy):
Seth loves his animal friends:
Toasting my toes by the fire:
All 3 of my boys playing cars in the dirt:
Daddy & Seth:
Daddy & Coy:
Seth @ the beach:
Coy @ the beach:
Seth & his "rocket box:"
Coy & his "robot box" hat:
Seth making crafts:
Coy & his spider:
Coy making another craft:
Daddy helping Seth w/his bird:

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