Friday, September 25, 2009

Two Teeth in Two Days :o)

Both of Seth's two top front teeth have been loose for a while now. Yesterday I posted about him loosing one of them, and today he lost the other :o) He had wiggled it until it drove him (& me) a little crazy. I tried to talk him in to letting me pull it out, but he was highly reluctant. So...I resorted to bribery :o) That's what good mom's do, right? Hee hee... I told him if he let me pull his tooth out I'd take him to Baskin Robins---He LOVES ice cream-especially Baskin Robins. Here he is 1 less tooth, and below that is us enjoying some Baskin Robins :o)
Seth sticking his tongue in his new space:
All of us enjoying our ice cream:

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