Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Teeth in 1 Week--The Tooth Fairy Needs a Loan :)

Seth was playing on the swings w/his friend & his friend accidentally kicked him in the mouth. It knocked out another of his teeth!! That is 3 teeth out in 1 week. I need to get the poor kid a mouth guard & some temporary dentures ;o)

I thought I would throw this picture of Coy on here, since I've posted so much about Seth lately. Don't want to leave Coy out, plus it is so sweet. I worked Wednesday & had a really long & hard day. I didn't get home until the boys had already gone to bed & were sleeping. I went to kiss them goodnight & this is how I found Coy. It looks like he fell asleep praying. I am sure he was asking God to bring his sister home ASAP :o)


mysistersjar said...

I thought you hadn't posted in a while until I noticed it is the THIRD tooth! That is so funny! I love the toothless stage!

How are you doing on fundraising? We are still doing our media drive and it is going well. We're selling on ebay and at a bookstore in town.

Have you heard anything about GG? We have heard nothing since the beginning of July.

Blessings! Linda

Kelly said...

Hey Linda, We have been out of town this week for fall break, so I'm just now getting to your message. We are steadily fundraising. It is a comfort to know that God will provide all we need. We had our monthly update call on Monday, and basically there is no new news, except that we don't think we will be going this year. :( @ the private orphanage there is no # waiting list like ICBF. So, we really have no idea where we are on a timeline anymore. I let myself get frustrated with it for a moment, then I quit trying to guess the time & have found complete peace in knowing God has the perfect time picked out! A friend of mine from church is also adopting from Colombia through Gladney. They got a call about a sibiling group of 2 girls this week :o) They are trying to speed everything up so they can travel & be home before the courts close in December.
Nice to hear from you,

zazasmama said...

Hi Kelly! We found out this week that we are now #19 on the ICBF list. So, we've moved up 4 spaces in three months. We won't be traveling this year either. But, indeed God's timing is perfect. More fundraising time!
Blessings as we WAIT on the Lord!