Monday, December 22, 2008

G.G. is God's Gift

Just returned home from a wonderful weekend in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. It was really cold, but tons of fun. I will post pics soon. (I know you can hardly wait :o)

I did want to stop a second and share a little adoption moment from the weekend. We were having a not so quiet, "quiet time" as a family. We started talking about the adoption & our little sister/daughter. I told the boys that it was kind of a mouthful to talk about "our little sister/daughter." We should think of a nick name. We have decided not to get our hearts set on a forever name, as she may be old enough to already love her given birth name. . . Anyway. . . Daddy came up w/G.G. because she is God's Gift to our family. How sweet, and how perfectly fitting.

So, from now on we will be praying for G.G. Will you help us and pray, too?

P.S. We got a notice from the Department of Homeland Security that they got our I800, and will be contacting us w/a time to be fingerprinted. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! One step closer to "waiting." :o)


mysistersjar said...

GG is perfect! I love it. Our eldest daughter has the nickname Lala, so I won't be surprised if Zaza is Zaza forever too. She will also be too old for a name change. Good news on your I800. Blessings and Christmas joy!
~Zaza's Mama
(Thanks for adding me to your blogroll... I'll add you soon.)

One of God's Girls said...

I love it. GG it is...