Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visit @ Chiquitines

Yesterday was another good day. Valentina came & we went walking to a different area than we had been going to. It was nice to have someone that knows the area & the language. We ended up eating at a place that had an out door play set. The kids loved it. GG got to swing :) Of course she liked it...She likes everything :)

We ate chips & queso, bbq chicken wings, & pizza. This was some of the best food we've had so far. The kids wanted cheese pizza, so we got ½ cheese & told Valentina to pick what to put on the other ½. She ordered seafood pizza. YUMMY!!! It had shrimp, octopus, squid, & clams. This is something I would never have asked for, but I am so glad we got to try it. It was delicious. We walked back to the hotel & tried to relax. The boys are constantly wanting to go go go, so this is a little challenging. Tim took Seth down to the pool, while Coy & I stayed in the room with Gloria Grace. It was time for her afternoon nap. When she got up, we went down to the resteraunt in the hotel & had some supper. Seth swam again after supper, and Tim sat poolside w/GG, while Coy & I walked to the grocery store for a few things that we needed. We got back & got baths/showers & settled in for the night, as we had an 8:30 appointment @ Chiquitines this morning.
Valentina & the boys:

Valentina, Kelly & GG:
Tim, Seth, Kelly, GG, & Coy @ the pond near our lunch spot:
We started our day today going back to Chiquitines. This was to meet w/the social worker & get more information about GG's birthmom, and tour the orphanage. We had received some information with our referral, but this was more detailed. It included a headshot photo of GG, when she was just 2 days old, & her foot prints. They went into details about how her birthmother arrived in the birthmother program & why she had decided on adoption. It brought me to tears hearing about how she loved her baby, but was already struggling to take care of her 2 kids & help her mother with 3 of her younger siblings. They told us of her shy, but easy going personality. It is comforting to know GG was loved even before she was born. Loved by so many. When they finished going through the social file, we toured the orphanage.
Chiquitines is a wonderful facility. Their current campus was built in 2001, but they have been in deffernet locations throughout Cali for the past 30 years. It appears to be a well run orphanage, with kind & loving workers. They obviously love the children there. Gloria Grace was most certainly loved. As we were walking around, the ladies came out of GG's room to get one last chance to love on her. It was nice to catch a picture w/a few of her wonderful caretakers.

Kelly & GG w/some of her caregivers @ Chiquitines:The traditional family photo w/Agatha (the orphange director):

Tonight we went back over to Unicentro to eat in their food court. We ate at a place that was called "tacos & bbq" The food was yummy. Tim got a burrito, I got quesadillas, & the boys got ribs. Plenty of food & the cost was about $25. When we eat @ the deli, it only costs about $15, but the food was really good & worth the extra $10.

We met another family here on vacation, from North Carolina. They come here every 2 years & meet their family from Venezuela. They told us of a few area places that would be fun for the kids. Tomrrow we are supposed to hang our w/Valentina again & go to the river. I'm definetly looking forward to that.

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mysistersjar said...

I've been away at a cabin with NO INTERNET for TEN days!!!! This was killing me, knowing that I was missing your first pictures of GG!!! So blessed to go through all the facebook pictures and now your blog. I was thrilled that you got so much information about GG's birthmom and family. What a wonderful gift to your girl for later!!! And footprints! Just the best!!!!!! So happy for you all. Praying your stay is restful and full of peace. Blessings, Linda