Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look Out Cali, The Watson's Have Arrived

We left our house @ 8:15am & headed out for the Nashville Airport. It was quite uneventful getting to the airport & checked in & through security. We did so well getting through, that we had 2 hours to wait before our flight. We walked around & checked out the stores. Seth & I had not had "real" breakfast, so we went in search of "breakfast" food. Apparently no one else at the airport (except my responsible husband & oldest child) had eaten breakfast either. The lines for the places that served breakfast were very long. Seth & I decided to go for cheese pizza :) It was quite yummy.

The flight from Nashville to Miami was easy. The boys were so excited & it was fun watching the wonder in their eyes as they began to take it all in. This flight was just a little more than 2 hours. We took a bus from the plane to the terminal. The boys got a kick out of that. We had about a 2 hour lay over in Miami, so we found our gate & then a place to have a little lunch.

Miami to Cali was to be a 3 hour 40 minute flight. There was some weather issues, so we ended up being on the plane 5 hours. The boys did surprisingly well. They even sat next to each other & shared the window :) To be able to sit all together, we had to sit on the very last row of the plane. This is not my most favorite spot, but we made it (thanks to the help of a little anti-nausea medicine). As we stepped off the plane I began to get a little emotional. We were really in Gloria Grace's home country. We have waited so long & we are finally here! I'm sure traveller's fatigue & the fact that I am a girl played a big role in my emotions, but I had to wipe away a few tears. Sometimes, the boys just look @ me & grin like I'm a little crazy :) I think of it as preparing them for their sweet emotional wives :)

Once we were at the airport, we had to go through immigration. That was another hurry up & wait line. It took us almost an hour to get our turn. The immigration workers here are so much more laid back than @ home. They looked @ & scanned our passports, asked how long we were staying & what we were here for, & where we were staying. She stamped our passport & we were done. All we had left to do was find our luggage & make it through "customs."

I was prepared for them to open & search all of our stuff, but that was not the case. We got our luggage & walked on through, handing them the piece of paper that said how much $ we planned to spend while we were here. That's it! They didn't even put our luggage through a scanner or anything.

As we walked out side there was a huge crowd of people. I didn't have to look around long when I heard Valentina say "Mrs. Watson." That was music to my ears, and again I got a tad bit emotional. (insert tissue here:) We were finally here!!

On a funnier, lighter note...

Valentina is our interpretor/helper this week. She was there to meet us @ the airport. She told me that there was an American looking man that came out of the airport just before we did. She said he looked a little lost, so she said "Are you Mr. Watson?" He said, "yes." She began to welcome him & ask him where his family was. She became concerned when he said his family was not coming. She then figured out he was not the right Mr. Watson.

We got to our hotel to check in & the gentleman checking us in begins to explain how we have our 2 rooms ready. I told him no we only booked 1 suite. He said I have one room for Kelly & one room for Chuck. The Mr. Watson from the airport :) He walked in just a few minutes behind us, & we got to meet him. He's from Texas.

Buenas Noches!!

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