Monday, July 19, 2010

Gloria Grace Gotcha Day :)

We have waited two+ years for this day. Let me tell you it was beyond worth the wait. Please don't ever forget that God knows what He is doing, and His timing & plans are perfect. He knew Gloria Grace before she was born. He knew she would be our daughter, and He made her pefectly for our family.

This day has been one of the best days of our lives. We woke up bright & early. Well before the alarm clock. With plenty of time we got ready, as relaxed as we could be. We had a family deovtion time & prayed. Our devotional was from "Jesus Calling." It was a nice reminder that in all that we do, we should put on the armor of God. We talked with the boys about how much we stnad out here, and how people are watching us. We want to wear our armor well, and be a bright light shining God's glory. We had a little breakfast in our room, and then headed down to the lobby to meet Valentina, @ 8:00am.

Valentina had a little trouble getting us a ride big enough to take us all. There was supposed to be a taxi van, but the driver had a family emergency. We ended up riding in 2 separate taxis. Tim & Coy in one & me, Seth, & Valentina in another.

We arrived @ Chiquitines @ promptly 8:30 :) The orphanage director was not feeling well, so another worker there took her place in giving us information. Maria said the clothes you sent are too small (size 6 months & she is only 5 months). She said she is gordita :) That is a loving way of saying she's a chunky monkey :) We also talked to a nurse, who gave us information about her care & shedule. Then they took our camera & told us to wait there.

A long 5-10 minutes later they came in the door & said "are you ready?" I refrained from saying DUH!!! :) Instead I said "¡Si Listos, Listos!!"

The nurse walked in holding her in her arms. She handed her to me & I held her up & kissed her sweet cheeks. She immediately smiled the biggest smile. Gloria Grace is wonderful. Pictures do not do her justice!! Seriously!! She has the sweetest, most laid back personality. She is chunky & squishy & just melts right into your arms. She loves to be kissed & cuddled, and smiles @ the boys every move.

We have already taken her down to the pool, and she likes the water. We took her for a walk to the grocery store to get her formula, and our lunch. She fell asleep in the hip hammock, while we had lunch. She woke up while we were shopping for a few groceries. We came back to the room & she happily played w/the boys & also entertained herself w/her bright flowery blanket. She is not crawling, but pushes herself up & rocks. Adorable!!!

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