Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Longest Day Ever!!!

Today has been the longest day ever. At least it has felt like the longest day ever! I woke up bright & early @ 5am, which is actually 4am TN time. I have come to the conclusion GG must wake up @ this time, because I have been waking up almost every single morning since our referral @ 4am.

When the rest of the family woke up, we got ready & went to the restaurant in the htel for breakfast. After breakfast, we took a walk in the area around the hotel. We are so close to everything. Completely in walking distance to everything we might possibly need. Stores, restaurants, & a grocery store is on the same block as the hotel. It is just behind it around the corner. There is a nice little deli that serves hot food in the deli. We all ate for $15 US dollars, but could have eaten for less than $10. We got way too much food. All the stores/shops were closed when we were walking around, but we did see a church service going on. We thought about stopping & joining in, but we were clearly under dressed. Next Sunday, we plan on joining in w/LifePoint for service on the web.

The kids have been antsy all day. We came back from our walk & headed down to the pool. It is a really nice pool. The kids had fun & it was kind of overcast, so that Tim & I didn't roast. Even though it was overcast, I got a little sun kissed. :)

We came back up to the room & watched a little TV. There are only a couple of choices of shows in English @ any given time, so when Tim found "The Fast & The Furious" on in English they were all happy. After the movie, the boys were ready for lunch, but Tim was ready for a nap :) So, the boys & I took a walk around the corner to the grocery store. It has a deli that serves hot food & sandwiches. We got something to eat & then brought Tim back some lunch.

We got a chance to Skype w/my dear friend Kristi & my mom. Tim took the boys back down to the pool, and & got to chill in the room & talk to my mom for a little longer. I thouroughly enjoyed that time. They came back up & watched a little more TV, and then we ventured out one more time to find some supper.

We went to the market place that is across the street & down about 3 to 4 blocks from our hotel. It was a happening place!! There were people everywhere. It is more like an open air mall. It has everything you could ever think to need. There is even a movie theater, & McDonald's. We ended up eating at McDonald's (kids choice). We sat down to eat & the sky opened up!!! It has been overcast all day long, but has not rained. I brought umbrellas from home, but hadd left them in the hotel room. We sat out the rain downpouring, and as soon as it was only "raining" & not pouring like crazy we headed back the 4 blocks. We got a little wet, but it wasn't too bad. We stopped @ the grocery store & bought some things for tomorrow's breakfast. We will need get ready & eat something quick. Our appointment is @ 8:30, and we are being picked up @ 8:00am :)

It is 7:30pm now, and both boys have brushed their teeth & put on their pj's. They said they want to go to sleep, so that tomorrow gets here faster! :)

To God be the glory for this journey. It is only because of Him we are here, and I am beyond grateful to be on this path with Him!

Buenas Noches Amigos.

p.s. it takes way too long to upload pictures to blogger, so I will be posting pictures on facebook. You will have to request to be my friend, if we are not friends on FB already, as my FB is set to private. You can find me as Kelly Wright Watson on facebook.

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