Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today Has Been Another Wonderful Day

I have tried & tried to upload a video of GG "crying." It is on my facebook, but I was trying to share it here for those that don't have FB. She is even cute when she cries. I'm not kidding. She cries, but it ends in this sweet little noise. You've got to go to my facebook page & see it :)

Today was a wonderful day. She slept well last night, only waking once around 1am for a quick bottle & then she went right back to sleep. She didn't even really cry when she woke up, just made a little noise and I could hear her squirming around in her crib.

We hung out in the room for most of the morning. Tim decided to go down to the workout room, and Coy went w/him. Seth got to entertain GG w/o any interuption. It is so sweet to watch him w/her. Tonight at supper he said "Hey I just thought of something, I am not the youngest in the family anymore." When he was laying on the bed this evening he looked twice as big. I remember when he was born, how Coy instantly "grew up," and he was only 3 @ the time.

Coy has been so grown up with her. He is definately a protector. She truly already loves them both. They get all up in her face loving on her & kissing her & she just smiles & touches their faces.

We ate lunch in the room & everyone but Coy took a nap this afternoon. We ventured out to Unicentro (this is a HUGE) mall/market place. There are all kinds of stores. We ate supper at a cafeteria style place inside Exito. Exito is like Walmart. While we were inside this older couple stopped us & asked if we were Americans. (Have I mentioned we stand out just a little.) My husband is THE tallest person people here have probably ever seen. There also aren't many blonde haired blue or green eyed handsome boys running around. We seriously feel a little like movie stars (sometimes more like the circus :), when we are out walking around. Anyway this man spoke English & said he used to live in New York. He is from Colombia & dedided to retire here. He asked us where we were from, and when we told him TN he gets on the phone & calls his brother in law, who used to live in Kingsport, TN. He says I know he would want to talk to you, and hands Tim the cell phone. My sweet husband in that awkward moment talked for like 10 minutes to the poor guy on the other end of the phone. :)

We then went exploring another wing of this shopping center we found the food court! Jackpot!!! We have eaten well, but it has been mostly the same things. I wish I spoke better Spanish, so I could order different things. This place is just like a mall food court w/pictures on the signs, so you can see what there is & just point :) Food has been good, so far & fairly reasonable. We can feed all of us, including something to drink, for between $10 & $15 a meal. We usually just order 3 different plates & share around the table. They give you plenty on 1 plate to easily satisfy 2 people. Valentina said that she was going to hang out with us tomorrow, so I'm going to ask her to take us somewhere with really good food & help us order :)

In the same area of this food court they have a small carnival area called "happy city." It looks perfect for kids that are about 5 or 6, but they have a few things for the bigger kids. The boys & I & Gloria Grace rode a miniature ferris wheel. It gave us a beautiful view of the mountains. They had an area with trampolines, where they attach the kids to a harness that is attatched to big rubberbands on either side. There were some little girls being bounced into the air, and squealing happily. Seth wanted to do it, but Coy said no thanks. (That kid is smarter than he looks :)
Seth gets strapped in & the guy starts bouncing him. The guy uses straps on the harness to pull Seth toward the ground & then it sling shots him up toward the sky. On the second "sling shot" the guy had Seth flipping circles about a hundred feet up in the air. The look on Seth's little face was priceless! I posted video of this on my facebook, too. You can't see his facial expression, but you can see his crazy flipping :) It was time to head "home" after all of this fun it was after dark, & we were all getting tired.

Before we got here, many people asked multiple times if we were scared to go to Colombia. People have it stereotypically stuck in their heads about the past violence & drug cartels. I must say that I don't feel any less safe here than home. Yes, people look @ us & it sometimes feels a little awkward, but not unsafe. There are security people everywhere. Just about one or two on every block. I love this area, because it has everything we need w/in walking distance. I am glad not to have to take taxi's everywhere. So far I have nothing but nice things to say about the people of Colombia. They have been so sweet to us, thus far. It probably has a lot to do with the beautiful Colombian Princess that smiles at everyone :)

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