Saturday, July 10, 2010

Only One More Week

Seriously!!!! We leave in just one week for Colombia. I know this week is going to fly by! We have so much to do to get ready. I've spent a good part of today cleaning house. I still need to pack for all 5 of us. Wow--we are a family of 5 :)

I went to the school to fill out the boys registration papers, since I will be out of town when school starts. There is a part on the form that has siblings names & ages. I got teary eyes when I wrote Gloria Grace's name on there!!

The car seat is "installed" in my car. I am so glad I did this ahead of time. I forgot that the straps would need adjusting & it's not just as easy as setting it in the car & buckling it in. You have to get it "level." I also was thinking she would be forward facing. I was reading the manual & she will have to be rear facing a little longer. It is much trickier installing a car seat rear facing, so I am glad I did it now & didn't have to mess with it in the airport parking lot next month :)

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