Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Have Seen Our Beautiful Daughters Face!!!!!

Today, we got the call we have been waiting two years for. Well, we called Gladney 2 years ago tomorrow. Our dossier has been submitted for 1 year. Anyway....Beth (our case worker @ Gladney) called this afternoon & asked me if Tim was home. She doesn't normally start the conversation that way. I said no he wasn't, but asked if she had news. She said yes she did. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest!! I said do you have our referral? She said YES!!! My reply: OH MY WORD! Tim & Coy were @ the movies. I told her to tell me anyway :) She said, are you sure you don't want to wait for your husband to get home? UGHH! Yes & No :) I selfishly wanted to know right then, but impatiently waited the almost 1 hour it took him to get home. I called my parents, his parents & my best friend while I waited. My parents & best friend made it here, before my husband! I was about to send someone after him! I had the video camera & snapshot camera ready to go, when he finally made it home.

I'm not sure exactly how much information I am allowed to share yet, but let me tell you GloriaGrace is GORGEOUS!! She has tiny little almond shaped eyes, a sweet little petite nose & the most precious little lips. She is 4 months old, born the beginning of February. We are completely beyond excited. She is just perfect!

We will call tomorrow & accept our referral. Should travel the beginning of August to Colombia!! Thank you all for your prayers for our family & our sweet sweet Gloria Grace. Her given name also starts w/a G :)


Nancy and Talley said...

Congratulations!!!! I wish the best for you and your family in this new phase of the journey!

em and pete said...

Kelly...just sent you an email, too, but had to say I almost cried reading your referral story. It brings back so many awesome memories. I hope everything goes smoothly between now and holding your GG in your arms...it almost seems to be the hardest part, to know she's waiting for you, but having to get through all the hurdles over here before you can go! I'll be praying!!! YAY!!!

mysistersjar said...

Again, I'm so happy for guys! It's good to hear any referral, but especially yours! I'm surprised you waited for Tim.... I'm going to have to think that through for when we get our call. After waiting this long, I don't know if I could wait for Rick to get home. Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful daughter!