Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prayer Request for FBI Fingerprints

We have almost everything we need to travel. In fact tomorrow, we have a conference call with our case worker to discuss travel plans. Things have been moving right along. Except for one thing that now could be a delay.
:( We were in the process of updating much of our paperwork, when we got our referral. We have been fingerprinted twice @ the US CIS. This is for "permission slips" to bring Gloria Grace into the country. We have also been fingerprinted twice for FBI criminal background checks. These fingerprints are "ink," & done by our local police department. The US CIS prints are done w/a scanning machine on a computer. The first two sets were done @ the beginning of our adoption process, when we were getting our homestudy & dossier together. They both were expiring, so we had both sets re-done on June 3rd for our updates.

We have since received back the needed "permission slip" from the US CIS. Yesterday we received the package from the FBI. Tim's letter was in there. Mine was another card to be re-fingerprinted. They said the quality of my prints was too low. I am to say the least bummed out & frustrated. Here's what is most frustrating:

  • Tim & I were fingerprinted by the same person & our cards both looked fine.
  • The fingerprints were received by the FBI 6/6
  • They took the fee out of the bank 6/18
  • The letter is dated 6/23
  • I didn't get the notice until 6/28
  • They ask for your phone & email, WHY did they not give me a call or send an email & tell me they would need to be re-done sooner!!!!
  • It took over 3 weeks to get this letter back.

We were on track to travel about 3 weeks from now. If we can travel 3 weeks from now, the boys will make the trip without missing any school. The boys will make the trip regardless, but it would be much better for them not to miss the whole first week of school. Besides that, I want Gloria Grace to be home w/us yesterday!

So, I am calling all prayer warriors. I will be getting my fingerprints re-done today (6/30). Please pray they are of perfect quality. I will overnight them w/a request explaining that we are trying to travel in less than 3 weeks. I will also request that they overnight them back to me, as soon as they get them done. We can not travel until we have this done. Pray they process them as soon as they receive them, and we have them back next week.

Thank you for journeying along with us to bring Gloria Grace home.

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Beth said...

You got it...I am praying here in Cincinnati for ya! Believing everything is working according to His perfect plan! Can't want for you to get there so we can follow along with your little one in your arms!