Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy & Loving Every Minute of It!

Things have been moving full speed ahead here @ the Watson house. We have been up to our ears in paperwork, which is now on it's way to Gladney :0) Fed-ex says it will be there by 10:30am tomorrow morning. That gives Beth time to check it & let us know it's all "A.O.K" & ready to be sent on to the USCI S for final approval. Once that is done, it is my understanding we get to start making travel plans :) :) :) Beth says this approval takes about 3 weeks, so we just have to wait & pray that it goes quickly.

We also put together a little package for Gloria Grace. I must say, that I am going to be challenged in the area of self control when shopping for my sweet little girl :) Here is what we included in her care package:
  • cuddly security blankie~super soft purple w/a butterfly in the middle, monogrammed~~ Gloria Grace Gabriela
  • a sweet pink girl~ly outfit
  • DVD of our family showing her our home & reading her a story
  • The book we read in the video "What Makes A Rainbow?"
  • Baby Photo Album w/our pictures in it.
  • A disposable camera

I spent Saturday evening cleaning out her closet & organizing the clothes we have already been given for her. I had worked Friday night & ended up staying up all day Saturday. I was running on pure momma nesting energy!! I can not wait to hold & love on that chunky sweetness.

Praising God for this journey.

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