Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Update

We are steadily moving along, while we just sit here & wait :) We have done all of the paperwork we can until we get our USCIS approval. We have received our "notice of action" from the USCIS. This just says they are working on our I-797C~~ we need this approval to make travel plans. Our case worker says that it's usually 7-10days after this notice that you receive the approval. Oh Yeah!! That would mean we might possibly get to make some travel plans very soon. We are still hoping to travel before July is over, so that the boys can make the trip w/o missing any school.

We are also waiting for our FBI clearance. I had heard that this was taking several weeks~~Up to 13 weeks. :( This would be a big problem. Apparently w/the U.S. census that has been going on all the workers that usually are processing fingerprints, have been working on census stuff. I spoke w/our caseworker about this on Friday. She said things were getting back to normal & recently it has only been taking about 2 weeks. I checked our bank statement on Friday & the $18.00 per background check has cleared the bank :) This means they are working on ours :) We are hoping to have everything in the next week or so & then have travel plans soon to follow.

I would love to go to the airport w/the team going to Mexico on July 17th :)

I have met several other moms waiting to travel. Treicy is in Cali, Colombia right now. She & her husband are going to Chiquitines on Monday to meet their little boy Esteban! :) We have decided that Gloria Grace & Esteban are probably roomies :) She is going to give GG a big hug for me. Check out Esteban's blog~~It's super cute. He's a very talented writer for 11 months old :)

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