Friday, June 11, 2010

Referral Day Pictures :)

Here are some pictures from referral day, June 1st. Tim & Coy were @ the movies when our case worker called to give us the good news. It took them an hour to get home. (I wrote about it here, if you want to go back & re-cap :) While I waited, I called my mom & dad, & my mom called my niece Amanda. I also called my best friend Darby. They all made it to the house before Tim & Coy! I used that longest hour of my life to set up the video camera & Darby took these pictures w/my digital camera. It is most certainly a day I will not ever forget!
Our first look:

Mommy & the boys listening to her story & staring @ her beautiful face:

Taking her picture w/my cell phone to share the good news:

Grandma Verry:

My niece, Amanda:

I really don't think I could ever smile any bigger:


mysistersjar said...

Awesome! You all look so happy!

Tammy said...

I am just so happy for you! I love your pictures. The look on your face is just priceless! I hope you travel very soon. I can't wait to meet Gloria Grace:)