Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Memories

Even when we don't realize it, we are always making memories. Good or Bad. We spent today getting things together for our 1st big camping trip this year. For the last 9 or 10 years, we have gone to Barren River Lake in KY. It's one of our favorite camping places. We've made lots of memories there. Both boys rode their 1st horse there. We've camped with lots of different friends & family members there. We've met many new people there, as well.

Last year, Lou went on her last camping trip w/us. Oh the many memories from last memorial day weekend. We went horseback riding, swimming, ate lots of food, made pottery. All through out the weekend I kept thinking about how it would be the last camping trip w/her and I would get a little sad, but then I would think~~well @ least next year GloriaGrace will be here.

May 14th, 2009 we had just learned that Chiquitines accepted our dossier & would (eventually) place our daughter w/us. When we initially were accepted, we were told that things could move very quickly & we could even travel 3-6 months from then (that would've been by November of last year). We really have no idea what exactly we are still waiting on. The latest that we have been told is to expect a referral in August. That would have us travelling sometime between September/Novemeberish. I really try to keep myself from the what if games. Planning out our imaginary timeline. Figuring out flight information (I go on travelocity all the time, checking costs to Colombia). As much as I try not to, I just can't help it. We are soooo ready to meet & bring little Ms. GloriaGrace home.

I will enjoy my time with Tim & the boys this weekend. Both sets of grandparents will also be going camping w/us. We will make many memories this weekend, but while we are making them my mind will also be filled with thoughts of sweet little GloriaGrace & the hopes of her making memories with us soon.

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mysistersjar said...

I'm so with you. Every holiday or camping trip or family outing I think, "This HAS to be the last one without Zaza!" But no. I'm pretty sure we're just waiting on God to line up our referrals so we can be together in Bogota!

Hope you enjoyed your camping trip! See you soon in Colombia with our girls!