Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Since My Last Post . . .

Tim & I went on our Chattanooga get away. It was fabulous. We had such a great time. We were able to eat what & when we wanted. Take our time seeing things. Sleep in. We got there late Thursday afternoon. We ate at Sticky Fingers-- Tim's favorite Chattanooga restaurant :0) We found our hotel, checked in, and headed for downtown. We went to the Aquarium, and checked out the riverside. The weather was beautiful. I had wanted to go to this murder mystery dinner thing, but we were still stuffed from the 20 wings, and cheddar fries we shared :-) We ended up going to see Rendition. Then we ate at Big River. It was 10:00. We never eat supper at 10:00-- but we could so we did :-)

Friday we were going to do all the Chattanooga sites the Incline Railway, Rock City, and Ruby Falls. After Rock City and Ruby Falls, we were ready for a nap. :-) So we went back to the hotel & took a nap. Well I slept. Tim watched TV. Friday night we went on the Southern Belle dinner cruise. It was nice, too. Good food, good music, straight up good times :0)

Saturday we slept a little later than usual. Had a really nice FREE breakfast --make your own waffles -- at the hotel. We got checked out, and headed back downtown. They were having a rowing event. There were 5000 rowers, and all their friends. It was kind of neat to check out the happenings, but we didn't stay down in the crowd too long. We went on to the incline railway, since we had purchased our tickets as a package deal. It was pretty neat, too.

My favorite of all the places was Rock City. We've been there before, but it has been a while. We actually went there on our honeymoon 12 years ago. It is really a beautiful place. It renews my awe for God's power & creativity.

Then . . .

Back to reality :0)

We arrived home late Saturday afternoon, and picked the boys up from my mom's house. They were actually not too bad until Sunday evening. I was trying to take my nap & watch the football game, as I usually do because I work Sunday night shift. Seth came into the house very upset at his brother. I am not going to embarrass him by going into the details of the story, but Coy was not very nice at all. He got himself grounded for the entire week from TV, computer, and video games--he can't even use his mp3. Then, he goes and gets in a fight w/one of the neighbors yesterday off the bus. So to add to his grounding he is not allowed to play w/anyone all week, and is going to bed at 7:30. Yikes I am at my wits end w/him. I keep trying to remind myself that "this too shall pass" I just wonder what's next. It is hard for me not to get pessimistic, when he acts this way. I am hopeful that after a week of tough love he'll figure some things out. I'd appreciate your prayers.

I'm going to try to post pictures from Chattanooga tomorrow. Until then . . . Happy Blogging :0)

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