Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping Spree :0)

Just wanted to see how many of you did the whole Black Friday Shopping thing. For the past three years, my neighbor Jamie & I have partnered up. It is so much more fun to go as a team :0) This year, my niece Amanda came w/us. I think we have maybe found a way to out shop a teenager. . . Make her get up at 3:30 am. :0) It was a really fun day, and I got some really good deals. I am pretty much done w/my Christmas shopping. Of course I said this year I was going to have better self control, and not buy the boys so much stuff. Well I probably still got too much, but it is SOOO much fun. We started at Wally World, by 5am we were in line paying for all our bargains. At Wally World I also shopped for another neighbor who was out of town-- did I mention how much more fun it is to spend someone elses $ :-) We made a quick pit stop @ Dunkin Donuts-- Yum Yum, and headed on to Target. Well, we got there about 5:45. The store was to open @ 6. The line went from the stores front door to the opposite end of the shopping center. For those of you familiar w/the boro, All the way down past Dress Barn to The Hibbets sports store. It was CRAZY. We waited in the car until the line started moving @ 6, and then headed in. Got some really good deals there, too. We walked on over to Toys R Us, shopped there, and then finished up @ Kohls. I usually come home and take a nap, but I didn't get the opportunity. Instead of napping we started to decorate the yard. Nothing like untangling some lights :0) We finished out the day taking the boys to see the Bee Movie. It was really cute. I would recommend it.

I meant to post this the other day, but time flies when you are having fun. . . Tim won a car. It's a Nissan QX56 Infiniti. The Mac Daddy of SUV's :0) It's white w/chrome accent, fully loaded, all leather interior. He played a football game at work, and was one of four to win . . . We only get to keep it for the weekend, but it is really nice. The boys think it is COOL. When we were leaving the movie last night, Tim went to get the car. I walke outside with the boys, and Coy starts saying "yeah that's our ride." All pimp daddy like. :0) It definitely stands out.

Well I am going to go finish up w/the outside lights, so blog @ ya later :0)


Terry said...

More power to ya! You're a better woman than I am. There's no way I leave the house the day after Thanksgiving. I'm almost afraid to come outside and walk to the mailbox! ;) I LOVE your Christmas countdown! You always find the cutest stuff!

Jeanne said...

Yeah, you know I was there! But I have to tell you.....sitting in a line for 2 HOURS just about did me in! I did get some great deals, though, and saved about $125. I guess that made it worth it! :)

Then Vicki and I went shopping for Tiffany's care package stuff. That was the most fun!!!!!

I didn't get my nap, either. My mother-in-law picked me up after lunch and took me shopping for a new coat for Christmas and an early dinner. I've never had a really nice dress coat. So that was fun....but I was tuckered out by 7 pm.

All in all, a great day!