Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Linolium, Tile, & Shingles-- Oh MY :0) Continued . . .

I had posted about a month ago about all the work that has been going on around here. We are finally getting finished up, and I am really liking the way things have turned out. Here are some pictures of the kitchen tile. It will probably take me a few posts to get all the stuff on here. I know you all just can't wait :0) . . .

The yellow stuff is some sort of membrane they recommend you put down, so if the concrete under the tile cracks it will not crack the tiles:

This is Scott hard at work cutting and laying out all the tile, my father in law is "supervising" :0)

This is all the tile layed out, before he mudded, and grouted:

Laying the tile on the mud:

Close up of the finished tile:

Right after we finished the tile, they came & put our roof on. The week after that, they started on the drywall & paint repairs. That was only supposed to take 1 week, but he just finished today--almost 3 weeks later :0(. That's ok though it is finally finished, and it looks great. I need to clean/dust, then I will take pictures of it all & post them. We also finished the upstairs bathroom, that I had started just before the tile. I will post those pics next. Right now I need to go clean :0)

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Jeanne said...

WOOHOO to new tile! Scott did a great job! Rick laid new tile in the kids' bathroom on Saturday. Our house is like 30 years old so you can imagine what the tile looked like. He was so funny. He asked me to come and see which design I wanted it to be. I told him I didn't know and was a little aggravated that he was finally doing it when we were about to sell the house. What do I care now how it looks? I won't be around to enjoy it. :) I was totally kidding with him....but he's had that tile sitting in the shed for the last 5 or 6 YEARS!!!! It does look really good now that it's done, though. And our bathroom is next!