Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Hello, and Good Friday to you. :0) Most of the people I know of that read my blog, probably already know this. The Johnson's adoption was granted from the Malawi courts. Here is a picture I copied from Crystal's blog.

There is still other paper work that has to be processed, before Crystal can return to the U.S. w/Savannah. Please continue to pray for this family.

I received an email from Lordes :0) She said she is excited. She has checked out our family via this blog. She checked out our church here. She checked out the town here. She checked out her school here. Isn't technology cool :0)

Well we are starting out spring break week pretty well. The temp. here today was 70. It was a sunny, beautiful day. Tim took the boys to the greenway to ride bikes. They stopped at the Mexican restaurant just off the trail, and ate lunch. Fun times for the boys.

I took advantage of the alone time to get some Easter shopping done. Fun times for the mom :0)

There are 3 services planned for Easter @ church. Hope you all are making plans to attend.

No big plans for this week, we'll just decide as we go along. It'll be nice to have some down time. If anyone has any simple, fun, close place to go ideas--let me know :0)

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