Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Painting, Tile, & Shingles-- Oh MY :0)

Ever have 50 projects going at one time? We are in the middle of many here.

A few weeks back we had a dishwasher leak, which ruined our laminant floor. We replaced the dishwasher, and found out our floor had been discontinued. We decided to just wait & tile the kitchen later. I put a throw rug over the ugly spot. Not really all that big of a deal.

A week later, our roof leaked, and ruined another spot on the other side of the room. UGH! This time I called the insurance co. Turns out we have at some point had hail damage on our 4 year old roof. They are replaceing the roof & floor :0)

I'm not sure when the roofers will be here, after the storms last night they may be really busy.

We started on the floor yesterday. Well my best friend Darby's husband started on the floor yesterday. There is a stove in the play room & a refrigerator in the living room :0)

Last week I had started pulling 14 year old wall paper off our master bath, so I've been slacking on that since we are now doing the kitchen. (did I mention I also work night shift? :0) We have all the wallpaper off, I've painted the trim, and now I just need to prime & paint the walls.

Anyway my goal for tonight is to paint the trim in the kitchen--so I don't have to worry about getting paint on my new tile. Then, tomorrow I will prime the bathroom walls, so hopefully I can paint them Friday. Maybe by the end of next week my house won't look like the crazy mess it does right now.

I am not complaining--I'm excited about the new looks. I also am thankful to have a house to do projects to. I think about all the people last night that have a lot more repairs to do than I. I was at work last night, and it got a little hairy. I worked at MTMC, and when the tornado siren went off at the college--it sent chills through me. I called Tim, and woke him up at 2:00am to tell him to check on the Smyrna weather & get downstairs--he was thrilled to hear my sweet voice @ 2am ;) Thankfully it turned out to just be heavy wind, and rain in our area.

Don't forget to pray for the people whos lives are upside down right now.

Off to paint :0)

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