Monday, February 18, 2008


I spent the weekend as the nurse for the highschool retreat. I was a little nervous, when I agreed to go. 1st of all "Collision" the word in itself means somebody might get hurt, and my only other camp experience was quite exhausting. Two years ago I went to camp Whatever. There were close to 300 hundred kids, and one me--for a week. This short weekend trip was very uneventful, as far as nursing goes. Only needed a couple of bandaids, and some tylenol--not for me, for the students :0).

It was a really great time of worship. It's really cool to see highschoolers that are not afraid to give God all that he wants from them. The "theme" was Everything Matters. What a simple statement, that means SO much. The speaker (Phillip) did an excellent job of making the point--Everything Matters. He is a pastor in Knoxville. He has 3 ½ year old triplet boys, and his wife is due in May(w/a girl)- WOW. He had many funny stories, and even though he was recovering from the flu--did a wonderful job getting God's point across. I don't think they could have picked a better person to speak to this group of students. Pray for the fire God ignited this weekend to continue to burn strong.

Next time you see David McCaman, our highschool pastor, tell him you heard that he is doing a great job.

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