Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sacred Gathering

Last night, I completed a 2.5 day fast. It was part of the Sacred Gathering @ church. God never ceases to amaze me. Four years ago, I participated in the Sacred Gathering, also @ church. I fasted then, too. That is when I first felt God calling me into medical missions. Since then I have been on 4 medical/dental mission trips to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. God has been so good to me through each of the experiences.

When the speaker asked us last night to share what God had been telling us over this last 3 days, I spoke w/Chris Hollomon. I talked w/him about how it felt so easy to share Jesus w/perfect strangers thousands of miles away. In another country, but that when it came to sharing my heart right here--that a lot of times is a whole different story.

All to often I don't give God all the credit, and glory he deserves. Because Ultimately, ALL of the credit & glory belongs to Him. I don't understand why I have not been as comfortable sharing w/friends, and family as I am strangers? Fear of rejection? Fear they'll ask questions I won't know answers to? Fear that I'll share & they just won't care to hear the truth?

My prayer is that God will erase all of those trivial fears--trivial to God, not me. My prayer is that God will restore broken relationships, and allow me to speak his truth clearly. Please pray with me in this.

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Andie said...

Hey Kelly! I enjoyed talking with you this weekend at Collision. You know I had to come find your blog after you told me you had one. :)

How encouraging to hear what God spoke to you 4 years ago and how that has played out in your life so far.

I'll be praying for you as you walk forward with what God has taught you during this Sacred Gathering.

God bless!