Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim :0)

38 Things I Love About My Husband (in random order :0)

1. He's all mine
2. He's a great Dad
3. He loves me
4. He loves the boys
5. He is a Christ follower
6. He encourages me to pursue Missions
7. Our friendship my friend
8. He's tall
9. He provides for us
10. He takes the boys camping
11. His smile
12. He's honest
13. The funny way he laughs
14. He's a big kid
15. He's always warm
16. He doesn't mind my cold feet on him, when we get in bed.
17. He tells it like it is
18. He likes to take me on dates
19. He cares about others
20. He brings me egg rolls from work
21. He lets me nap on Sunday, after church
22. He's taking me to Romance & Roses
23. He prays for our family
24. He puts his clothes in the laundry room
25. He puts my shoes away for me
26. He allows me to work part time, so I can be home w/the boys the rest of the time
27. He's encouraging
28. His soft kiss
29. He calls me, even though he doesn't like to talk on the phone
30. He listens, well sometimes :-)
31. He's a good role model for our boys
32. He likes to just sit & watch TV, and cuddle
33. He's creative
34. He can admit when he's wrong
35. He likes to go out to eat, as much as I do
36. He reads the Bible
37. He lets me cut his hair
38. He's the one God chose for me
Tim & I started dating the summer of 1990. I was 16. We're now going on 18 years together, and I still love him with all my heart.
Happy 38th Birthday Honey!

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