Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 Year in Review--The Rest of the Year :0)

Well, I have already blogged most of the rest of the last year, so I'll try to make this short & sweet. This whole "year in review" got a little out of control for me :0) Anyways here goes:


  • Camping trip to Salt Lick

  • Seth started playing T-ball for the Angels

  • My niece Carlie turned 9


  • Fall Break-- Tim took the boys camping in Waynesboro

  • Fourth trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

  • Seth's team finished the season 10-0


  • We got to help w/Room @ the Inn.

  • My niece Emily turned 9

  • My niece Halie turned 12

  • Tim & I spent a weekend in Chattanooga :0)

  • My dear friend Gwen brought home Miss. Maggie


  • There were lots of fun Christmas related activities. Parties, Caroling, Concerts, it was all lots of fun.

Can I just say this is probably the last time I do a year in review :0)

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