Thursday, January 10, 2008

Year in Review--August

It was late in August, I joined the world of bloggers :0) Earlier in the month, before my blog,
Coy celebrated his 8th Birthday, August 6th.
We started his day out w/our traditional name/age birthday pancakes:

Headed on to Chuck-e-cheese for some good times:

Went for ice cream w/cousin Adrienne, she turned 16 on August 1st:

His official party was at the following weekend at the Bounce Factory:

Again, it felt like a birthday month :0)

Also in August:
  • Two more camping trips, one to Cedar Creek. The other trip was a HOT weekend at Rock Island.
  • We went to a Titan's game.
  • The boys were back to school. Coy is in second grade, and Seth Pre-K.

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