Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Was Scary. . .

We got Sonic after Coy's basketball game. We were stopped @ a red light, and I hear Coy in the back seat making a "funny" noise. He does this sort of noise often while he is eating, because he is wearing an orthodontic appliance. Anyway, It was louder than usual, and being the patient mom I am :oP I turned around to tell him to knock it off. As I turned around I saw "the look" in his eyes. That somebody do something look. He was choking on his Sonic burrito!!! I threw the car in park, in the middle of the road. (We were stopped anyway, and there was a car in front of us--I could not pull over.) I pulled him out of the back seat, and he threw up what he was choking on in the road. No heimlich needed, but I was fully prepared.

So, if you saw some crazy people standing in the middle of Sam Ridley, yeah that was us.

He's fine, and suddenly no longer hungry.

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lauraknight said...

Hey Kelly. Glad Coy is okay and that you acted so quickly. I read this to Rodney and he now knows why Coy was acting like he was choking all during small group today. :)

Coy gave Rodney one of his basketball cards. Please tell him that Rodney put in on our fridge and is glad to have it.

Have a great week!