Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Boys Today

Seth got his first tooth when he was just 3 months old. He turned 6 in January, and was yet to loose a tooth. The other day he said look at this thing in my mouth. It was a permanent tooth. It had grown in right behind the baby tooth. I called the dentist to ask about it, and they wanted to "look" at it. I asked them did they think they would pull it, and they said no. Guess what--Seth lost his first tooth today- The dentist pulled it. . .
He's holding the tooth in his hand:
They gave him this little treasure box to put it in:
He's so cute:
Now on to Coy. He got up this morning not feeling well. He complained of a "sore throat." He was not running a fever, and he's had a tough week @ school, so I really thought he was just faking it to stay home from school. By 10:30 he was complaining of severe belly pain---this is how he reacts to strep throat. Tim took him to the walk in clinic, because I was in the middle of small group. Sure enough. . . he has strep. Doesn't he look pitiful:

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One of God's Girls said...

I hope Coy is feeling better. Seth was so excited to show me his tooth yesterday. I asked him if the toothfairy was going to come and he told me there was no such thing. I told him sure there was. When did he get to be such a grown up??