Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Flys When Your Having Fun. . . Right?

I was updating the Adoption timeline on my side bar, and realized WOW we are already 7 months into this journey. We are in the second stage of paperwork. Sometimes it feels like the paperwork will never end. Just when I think I am making progress, I discover something else I didn't know I needed. I am finally beginning to see the end, though.

I had kind of taken a little paperwork break for the holidays, since it could take up to 90 days to get our I-179C back. I am trying to learn all this adoption lingo. I talk about all these documents, but really I have no idea what they are for. I'm just checking things off a list. It is really nice to check things off the list. This week I have been able to check 3 things off the list. :o)

I should be done checking off the list in the next week or so. :o)

I would love to have all the list checked off, and be ready to submit our dossier when we get the form we need from The Department of Homeland Security. We submitted the I-800A 12/08/08. 90 days will be the first week of March.

Praying that every i is dotted and t is crossed, and ready for submission by then. I am ready to "wait."

Will you pray with us?

What I hope to get done next week:
  • fingerprinting complete & sent to FBI
  • my name change verification form completed/notarized
  • my medical letter completed/notarized
  • psych eval. re-notarized--the notary dated it 2008 :o(
  • my employment verification letter (they mailed it to me today. Just waiting for it to be in hand, so I can check it off the list :o)

If I get all that done, then basically I will be waiting for the FBI Clearance letter, and the I 179C. I will take everything to be state sealed, and then submit our dossier. It doesn't really look like that much left now does it. (The psychologist said I was too positive, maybe he was right? :o)

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