Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let the Paperwork Begin

Today we had our phone orientation w/our adoption agency. It was basically to give them a little information about us, and for them to answer any questions we have. I started getting some of the paperwork together the 1st of this month. I got a list of most of what we will need to complete our home study, from the social worker that will be doing the study for us. I have almost everything checked off of her list, but our adoption agency has a few of their own requirements. I printed off about 50 pages worth of info/papers to read & sign today. :oP It gets me feeling a little overwhelmed, but I am thankful that God has given me a peace about the time line. I know it will take up to 3 years, so we are not really trying to "rush." The three years doesn't start until we are through w/this part of the paperwork, though.

I wanted to have all the papers filled out & turned in to the social worker to start our study by the end of this month. I am not sure if this will happen, because part of the paperwork we are left to do is medical forms. Doctors offices take their own time, so we will see. I am also waiting for my birth certificate. I was born in Rhode Island, and they don't do anything on line. I sent for it July 1st, and still don't have it. I requested Tim & the boys birth certificates, and our marriage license the same day on line. I had them 3 days later! RI needs to get w/the electronic program.

Thank you to all who have already been praying for us.

P.S. Lourdes comes in less than a week. Please pray for her & her family as they prepare to spend a year apart. She travels all day next Tuesday. Leaving Spain @ 7:40 in the morning, stopping in Germany & Chicago. She will arrive in Nashville after 6pm.

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Kelly said...

Just found your blog and excited to see you guys are adopting!
Really cool!