Friday, December 28, 2007

What a Wonderful Time of the Year.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. We were able to go to Christmas Eve communion service @ church, and then went to dinner w/Grandma, Papa, & Bena. We got home, and read the Christmas story in Luke. We let the boys open one present-- I picked it. They were a little disappointed to find out it was pajamas, but after their baths I let them open one more. They each got a digital camera. Coy set his up on movie mode in front of the fireplace. He was trying to catch Santa. (He doesn't believe anymore, but just wanted confirmation) We set out our cookies & milk, and apples for the reindeer. We didn't have anything to put together this year, but still ended up staying up 'til nearly midnight. We had to be sure the kids were asleep, and then finish putting the presents under the tree.

The boys were up bright & early, and played non-stop. They both got Heelys. Coy had one pair of ripped jeans, and a skinned up knee before he figured them out. Now he can do turns, and thinks he is the Heely master. :0) Seth is not so sure, but has enjoyed wearing them--looking oh so cool. They are both trying to learn there new Nintendo DS, and have enjoyed chatting w/each other more than any of the games.

Both sets of grandparents, and Bena came over for dinner. As usual we all ate too much, and needed a nap. Seth & I ended up falling asleep about 6:15pm. I woke up around 8:00pm. Seth slept until the next morning @ 7:30. :0) Coy & I ended up staying up 'till almost 2am watching Transformers. Fun Times :0)

Tim has been on vacation this week, and so I have worked 3 nights. I am glad to be done for the week. Hope to have some R & R this weekend. Here are some pics, enjoy. . .

Coy & his Heelys

Seth jamin' on his Lightning McQueen MP3

There must be Santa--Mom would never have bought a Nerf Dart Tag :0)



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Jeanne said...

Fun, fun! Both of our boys got digital cameras, too. Nothing fancy, but they just love them.

We never did have the "talk" about Santa this year. Something in me just couldn't ruin the fun yet for Luke. I think Matthew knows, but just isn't letting on yet. Maybe next year the right opportunity will present itself. :)