Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Computer Is Not My Friend

So twice in the last couple of weeks I have had problems w/my computer. 1st all but one of my USB ports was fried. My nice computer tech neighbor came & fixed it right up. I get caught up on computer stuff, and then BAM--it's messed up again. The boys were playing on funbrain, and Coy says the computer "just shut off." When I went to try to turn it back on, it made a really bad noise, like some one stuck a pokemon card in the hard drive as it tried to start up. Then it just made two little sick beep sounds, and had a black screen. UGLY. I was having horrible thoughts of how I have just lost all the stuff I haven't saved to disks--like lots of my pictures. How bad that we have come to rely on digital stuff. At least I have. I thought my computer was completely fried. It really sounded bad. Anyway, it turns out it wasn't a big deal at all. My nice computer tech neighbor came over this morning, and in about two seconds pushed a couple of buttons, and wiggled a couple of plugs, and here I am. I will be spending the rest of the afternoon making disks of all my pictures :0) Will try to post something that you all might actually want to read, soon. Like pics of the boys :0)



i worry bout losing my pictures too...glad it was no big deal...luv ya

Jeanne said...

YIKES! Love 'em when they work....can't stand 'em when you think they've lost your pictures!

Glad it was nothing!

Did I tell you I come here daily just to see your Christmas countdown clock? :) .....and am totally not believing it is only 7 days away!

Kelly said...

So glad you like the clock Jeanne. Thanks for the comment.