Thursday, September 20, 2007

Support Mexico Missions :-)


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Two weeks & counting. WOW! It hardly seems possible, that we are about to head back to Mexico. This will be our fourth trip, and the only thing I expect is not to expect anything. I learned not to limit God by expecting to do certain "planned" things. He has grown me each trip, and I can not wait to grow some more. We will be flying out on Friday, October 5th. Those driving there leave on Oct. 3rd. We will return on Thursday October 11th. I would appreciate your prayers for our group, and God's work to be done.

We have designed a t-shirt to support our missions. It is actually a darker blue than is in this picture, but you can get a general idea. If you would like to support our team by purchasing a t-shirt, they are $15.00. Leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail, and I will order you one.

We are also still collecting chewable childrens vitamins @ the church.
Your prayers, and support are greatly appreciated.

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One of God's Girls said...

Hey there. I have JaNeils money and I also want to order a shirt. Don't let me forget to get the money to you.