Saturday, September 15, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

Ok! I have tried and tried to upload this video to Blogger, with no success. I stayed up way to late, and now my Favorite Photo Friday has turned into Saturday morning :-) I was able to get the video on myspace, so click the link below to view. It is totally worth the journey (if I do say so myself :-)

Coy got a hold of my digital camera, and has started making little videos. He made this one back in August, on the day of his 8th birthday. It was the second one he had made that day. He called them his "wild animal adventures." He really cracks me up, with his creativity. The whole video is pretty funny, but it is 9 minutes long, so I had to edit it down to the part that I almost peed my pants watching. This is the ending. Please take a moment to go look at it, It is so stinkin' funny. I plan to use it at his wedding :-) Oh how I love my children . . .

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