Thursday, October 4, 2007

Prayer Requests

  • Please Pray for Tim, Coy, & Seth----Tomorrow I leave for Nuevo Laredo. Each trip I have been excited to see what God will do this time. I also get a little anxious. The first trip, I had never been away from the kids for more than overnight. They did wonderfully. In fact, hardly even minded my being gone. I am thankful that they have done so well, and greatful for those who help while I am away.
  • Travel Mercies----Rick & Agnes (the dentist, and his wife) are driving to Mexico, with supplies. They left Wednesday evening, and will not arrive at the church until Friday morning. The ten remaining members will fly out Friday morning. We return on Thursday Oct 11th.
  • Safety----Nuevo Laredo is a border city to the U.S. They have made the news many times for things related to drugs/gangs. The local police are corrupt, and federal police are present (w/machine guns), watching over them. That being said, I have never felt at all uneasy about my safety while there.
  • Wisdom----Darby & I are nurses, and we basically are treated like we are doctors while we are there. It is very much out of my comfort zone. This is the fourth trip, and I am yet to feel "ready" to act in this role. It takes me getting there, and just doing stuff to "get into the groove."
  • Communication----The closest I have ever come to speaking in tongue was on a mission trip. We were in the middle of clinic, and the translator was spread thin. A lady sat in my chair, and began speaking to me in Spanish. I was able to understand her, and spoke back to her. Did I mention I don't really speak Spanish? (I can't wait for the day in heaven when it's not "my country so everyone here should speak my language"-- that's a soap box for another post :-)
  • God's Will----My first mission trip to Mexico was in Sept. 2005. I went w/my own set of expectations. I soon discovered that I should not limit God w/my "list of things to do." May everything we do be only for the glory of our Gracious Heavenly Father.

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